Vision & Mission

ACCA seeks to promote Christian counseling in all the 53 countries of Asia through strengthening existing national associations of Christian counsellors and starting new national associations where they are not yet present.

We want to establish an Asian approach to Christian counseling that is true to God’s Word and contextualised to local Asian needs both as a profession and a ministry that is oriented towards missions to further God’s Kingdom on earth.

What is Christian Counselling?

Christian Counseling is a Christ-centred relationship between two or more persons in which one person seeks to help another person or persons on how to cope, recover and grow using the knowledge, techniques and skills of Christian Counseling developed with the following salient features:

  1. A deeper interface between theology and psychology with the Bible as the final authority;
  2. A perspective from the Christian view of personhood in which mankind’s basic problem is sin and our ultimate goal in life is to know God, relate closely with Him and be Christlike in character;
  3. The counseling process involves guidance from the Holy Spirit and may include spiritual resources like prayer, deliverance, forgiveness, inner healing and the operation of spiritual gifts.

Who can be involved in Christian Counseling?

Any person who is a devoted follower of Jesus Christ and trained in the salient features, knowledge, techniques and skills of Christian Counseling can be involved in Christian Counseling.

Vision of ACCA

The vision of ACCA is to incorporate Christian Counseling as an integral part of Christian practice, ministry and service in Asia to facilitate people across Asia to grow in behavioral, mental, emotional, social and spiritual integrity through professional and lay Christian Counseling.


Our mission is to promote and equip the body of Christ in Asia in Christian Counseling through networking, events and publications. ACCA will achieve this by:

  1. Promoting the development and advancement of Christian Counseling as a publicly recognized discipline in Asia;
  2. Promoting the appropriate equipping of professional counselors in Asia through teaching, training and professional development in Christian Counseling;
  3. Equipping lay Christian counselors in churches;
  4. Encouraging cooperation amongst professional and lay Christian counselors, pastors, leaders and the body of Christ in helping those who are needy and hurting;
  5. Promoting high standards in the theory and practice of Christian Counseling in Asia through respective national code of ethics;
  6. Encouraging Christian counselors in Asia to teach, research and write in areas unique to Asian Christian Counseling;
  7. Fostering unity through sharing of information and experiences among Christians of different counseling approaches and specialties;
  8. Initiating and promoting care and counsel as mission for Christ.

Core Values

  1. Interfacing biblical theology, principles and values with counseling theory and practice that is consistent with the Bible;
  2. Promoting ongoing growth in spiritual maturity and professional excellence, integrity and accountability;
  3. Leading, empowering, networking and partnering;
  4. Being a distinctive Christian presence and voice in the field of counseling in Asia.

Core Activities

  1. Promoting and enhancing the setting up and running of a national association of Christian Counseling in every country in Asia;
  2. Encouraging the organizing of annual national conferences in Christian Counseling by the respective national associations;
  3. Encouraging the organizing of regular workshops, seminars, training programs and promotional events by the respective national associations;
  4. Coordinating in the organizing of an Asian Summit and Conference of Christian counselors by a national association once every two years.
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