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ACCA Training Advisory Group

The vision of Asian Christian Counselling Association is to encourage and strengthen Christian Counselling in Asia in particular across the diverse spread of lay, pastoral and professional counselors.

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The ACCA board recently launched a Training Advisory Group, who’s charter is to plan and advise the board regarding the broad area of training. We are seeking people interested in joining this advisory group, more details below.


Approximately 1.5 years ago we conducted a survey on general areas of need of ACCA member nations. The number one expressed need was for stronger Christian Counselling training at lay and pastoral level. The need for competent supervision at all levels was also expressed. We as ACCA see the need to support these national associations and seek your assistance in guiding us how to do that well.

Advisory Group

The group is to be comprised of ACCA board members, members of the various national associations, or their colleagues; these are to be people with experience in training Christian counsellors, especially at lay and pastoral level and also professional level in Asia.

We will commit to meet no more than 2 hours a month online and for a maximum initially at least of 4 times.

These will be Feb March April May.

At that point we will be in a place to advise the ACCA board at the ACCA June board meeting of our findings and make proposals as to how move ahead. Based on board feedback the advisory group may continue to work together.


Intended outcomes are to develop a strategy to strengthen Christian Counselling across the region. We absolutely recognize there are many current service providers and part of the work is to comprehensively collate these to present on the ACCA website.

Please see the brief ppt (sent via email) which has the summary of the key points raised so far in a small focus group of ACCA Board members.

Your Response

In order to facilitate ease of process if you, or someone you know, –(national board member, colleagues of good standing in your nation) , are willing to assist then please ask them to complete the simple questionnaire which will be sent to me. We will contact you soon re acceptance.

Applications close Jan 30 2023.***

Thank you for your assistance or forwarding this to someone you know who would make valuable contributions.

Dr David Nikles
ACCA Executive Committee
Facilitator, ACCA Training Advisory Group