5th ACCA Conference 2024

5th ACCA Conference 2024

The 5th ACCA Conference will be hosted by PACC in 2024!

The Board of ACCA is happy to announce that the Philippines Association of Christian Counselors will be hosting the 5th Asian Christian Counseling Conference in April 2024. The actual dates will be announced soon. 

The Theme of the 5th ACCA Conference is “Beyond Professionalism towards Contextualization: Multicultural, Ministry, Missions”

Invitation of Speakers and Presenters is now open. Please send recommendations to secretary@asiancca.org.

Please visit this page for more information.

4th ACCA Conference (2021)

The 4th Asian Christian Counseling Conference was our first “Virtual Conference’ hosted in Singapore from 9-11 Sept 2021 by the Association for Christian Counsellors Singapore (ACCS).

The theme of the Conference was “Integrating Asian Christian Counseling in Missions”.

3rd ACCA Conference (2019)

The 3rd ACCA Asian Christian Counseling Conference 2019 was held in Bali, Indonesia Hosted by Asosiasi Konselor Kristen Indonesia (AKKI).

The theme of the Conference was “Integrating Spirituality into Christian Counseling: Enhancing Asian Christian Counseling through Spirituality.

2nd ACCA Conference (2017)

The 2nd ACCA Asian Christian Counseling Conference 2017 was held in Chiang Mai, Thailand.

The theme of the Conference was “Integrating Theology and Psychology in Christian Counselling.”

The Inaugural ACCA Conference (2015)

The Inaugural ACCA Conference 2015 was held in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and hosted by the National Association of Christian Counsellors, Malaysia.